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Nightmares lurk in this town.

2005. Le Carré, a rural town just outside of New Orleans.
It’s your job to solve the serial murder that’s shaken this peaceful, beautiful town.

Deadly Premonition – a game that earned itself a horde of passionate fans from all around the world. When “Red Seeds Profile” went on sale in Japan in 2010, it garnered a lot of attention from gamers as a new genre that fused a very unique atmosphere with an open-world mystery. Afterwards, it was released to the world as Deadly Premonition, and soon became popular as a cult classic, supported by many passionate fans and media entities. Real time, real scale, real time. In the vast 9km square town of Le Carré, the sun rises, sets, and sometimes it even rains. But in this beautiful town, nestled within its abundant nature, a serial murder case awaits. One of the greatest charms of this series is the unusual way it fuses open-world adventure with mystery.

Ready to get to work, Zach?

2019. Boston, winter.
Two FBI agents visit an old apartment to interrogate a certain man.
He’s strange…and oddly rude, which throws them both for a loop.

Aaliyah, the female agent, explains how this man was supposed to have solved a case that took place 14 years ago -a case that took place just outside of New Orleans, in the Deep South. The man rudely asks them why they’re digging up such an old case…but takes interest in two words that slip out of Aaliyah’s mouth: “Red Tree.” Slowly, he begins to tell them his tale.

2005. Le Carré, a rural town just outside of New Orleans.
This case takes place five years before the events of Greenvale that transpired in the previous game.

What happened during that bizarre serial murder case 14 years ago, and what happened to the victim’s missing body?

Run around a lifesize town built to scale!
Run around the town of Le Carré, which is built to scale just like a real town. Enjoy the nature of the New Orleans area within this square-shaped town, and search for the true killer. Hop on your trusty skateboard and crack this case!
A story filled with surprising twists and turns!
Through the game, two stories will continue parallel to each other, and you’ll have a tough time predicting what comes next. As you search for the missing body, you’ll unravel the bizarre phenomena hidden under the surface of this peaceful-looking town. But where will the truth take you in the end?
Features a colorful cast of unique, quirky characters!
Everyone you meet will dazzle you with their unusual personalities and quirks. A sheriff who loves phrasing things like they’re movie trailers, a hotel owner who has three different personalities, a bartender who wears nothing but a pair of tighty whities and a cowboy hat, and elderly lady who lives to bowl… Will you be able to tease the truth out of these unique souls?